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Holly, the creator of 1-UP Hair Ties, is a below elbow amputee who has 3 suggested methods for creating a pony tail; they are based on her own abilities. All methods displayed here assume you have one functional hand and have a relatively normal range of movement.

  • Method 1 – for people who have some form of upper limb functionality.
  • Method 2 – for people who have limited upper limb functionality.
  • Method 3 – for people with partial paralysis (an alternate method can be seen in the how-to video for hemiparesis/paralysis)

These are not the only ways to make a pony tail with the 1-UP, I hope they will inspire you to think of a method that works best for your abilities. 

It will take a bit of practice, but you should be able to use the 1-UP© Hair Tie to create:

  • Top of the Head Ponytails – do these steps with your head upside down
  • Back of the head Ponytails – do these steps holding your hea d upright
  • Side Ponytails – do these steps with your head held upright and tilted sideways
  • No Ponytail – the 1-UP© can also be used as a headband
  • Pig Tails/Bunches

The instructions are written as simply and logically as possible. If you find they do not make sense, please see the collection of demonstration videos created or request assistance.

As the 1-UP is made of elastic and solid objects, there is a risk of eye or facial injuries if it is used incorrectly. Please ensure you retain hold of the hair tie while creating a pony tail. COMPARTMENT SEVENTY6 shall have no liability whatsoever for any damage or injury resulting from use of the 1-UP.