About the 1-UP Hair Tie

Many can use the 1-UP Hair Tie, even if:

  • You have broken your arm or wrist
  • You have paralysis in the hand, arm or shoulder
  • You do not have hand(s) or arm(s) 
  • You have other upper limb mobility challenges

1-UP Hair Ties can be used with:

  • One Hand
  • Residual Limbs
  • Two Hands
  • Feet

Get a handful of independence – use the 1-UP Hair Tie for:

  • Ponytails
  • Buns
  • Bunches
  • or as a Headband

About the creator of 1-UP Hair Ties

In 2009 Holly Franklin launched a range of special hair ties which are used by those living with a variety of upper limb differences such as fellow amputees, those living with paralysis, people with breaks and sprains, and many more other conditions that limit a person’s ability to perform a task as simple as a ponytail.

“After losing my hand in 2005 due to a congenital vascular condition, I had to learn how to do a whole host of things with one hand – tie shoelaces, eat a big burger, peel a banana. One thing kept frustrating me, and that was putting my hair up into a ponytail. It seems such a simple thing, but I couldn’t find anything that worked.”

“I searched the internet for ages and I could only find ‘how to’ instructions for pony tails that involved door knobs, laying backwards on a couch and other methods.”

Not finding any readily available solutions that didn’t require a degree in contortion, she cobbled together her first one handed hair tie.

Over time and with various sources of inspiration, Holly landed on a design that works – the 1-UP Hair Tie.

“I got to thinking, there must be many hundreds of girls, women and a few guys out there who are keeping their hair short because they don’t have an easier solution. I wanted to let people know that there is one less challenge in their daily life.”

Since 2009 Holly has created a variety of designs with her varied audience in mind. There are detailed instructions for multiple methods of creating a pony tail for a variety of upper limb differences.

Holly says the best thing about the business is the feedback she gets from customers: “I had a message the other day from a lady saying “I just put my own hair up for the first time in my life! You have no idea how excited this made me.””